About Us

atus_thailandATUS was founded on 12 December 2004 and registered as an officially association in Thailand on 20 March 2005.

ATUS is the national diving association of Thailand and internationally recognized by being full voting member of the world underwater federation CMAS.

More than 120 countries worldwide are associated with CMAS as they, same as ATUS, follow the high and safe diving standards and the same structure of CMAS organization.


Therefore the ATUS also is allowed to call itself proudly “CMAS Thailand!” Same as CMAS, ATUS is internationally recognized and cooperates with:

  • UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)
  • IOC (International Olympic Committee)
  • IUCN (The World Conservation Union)
  • GAISF (General Association of Sport Federations)
  • IWGA (International World Games Association)

The main structure of CMAS and all associated diving federations, as well ATUS, is mainly based on a steering board, committees and commissions

Technical Committee 

  • Diving Standards and Training
  • Diving Techniques and Diving Equipment
  • Diving Security
  • Technical Diving (Nitrox, Rebreather, Trimix, Gasblender…)
  • UW Photo and Video
  • Speleology (Cavern and Cave Diving)
  • Affiliated Members
  • Commissions for above Departments

Scientific Committee

  • Biology
  • Oceanology
  • Archaeology
  • Geology
  • Marine Life and Coastal Environmental Protection and Conservation
  • Commissions for above Departments

Sports Committee

  • Fin Swimming
  • Apnoe Disciplines
  • Orientation
  • Hockey
  • Rugby


  • Medical Commission (science and support of hyperbaric and diving medicine)
  • Legal Commission ( legal advice and support for association and members)
  • Marketing Commission ( marketing and public relations to promote the association)
  • Representatives in all major diving regions of Thailand, as well in Germany and Philippine es.

Progress and activities of ATUS in the past three years:

  • Promote the diving tourism of Thailand with ATUS delegation and booth at
    • CMAS General Assembly 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
    • World biggest boat and diving exhibition, BOOT, Germany 2006, 2007, 2008
    • TDEX, Bangkok 2006, 2007, 2008
    • Cooperation with Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to promote diving tourism and events/exhibitions.
    • ATUS was elected to host the CMAS General Assembly 2009 for the 50 year’s anniversary of CMAS on Phuket in Thailand.
    • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for cooperation and bilateral support between ATUS and Royal Thai National Park Headquarters Bangkok, Sukothai,
  • Thammarat University Bangkok, Marine and Environmental Department Thailand, Archaeological Department of Thailand, Prince of Songkhla University, Phuket,
  • Ministry of Sports and Tourism, Phuket, Royal Thai Navy 3rdDivision, Phuket and Phuket Provincial Administration Organisation.
  • ATUS collected more THB 3.000.000 after Tsunami for donations.
  • ATUS successfully supports the Phuket diving industry with legal advice and action according new “dive regulations” and new National Park rules on Phuket and Similan Islands.
  • Cooperation with Badalveda Hyperbaric Chamber Network and automatically insurance free of charge for all ATUS Students and members.
  • Cooperation with divemaster insurance international insurance company
  • Standards and guidelines for all levels of diving certificates and diving training.
  • More than 200 ATUS/CMAS instructors in Thailand (Thai nationals and foreigners)
  • More than 100 ATUS/CMAS academies and supporting members in Thailand
  • Conduct more than 1.500 diving courses with ATUS/CMAS certificates
  • Conduct instructor courses for Royal Thai Navy Seals, Marine Police and Royal Thai National Park Rangers.
  • Trained Sea Gypsies in safe diving practices
  • ATUS created and found sponsorship to realize artificial reef project (Phuket)
  • Numerous beach and reef cleaning events throughout the country
  • Reef monitoring seminars and projects
  • ATUS established a Thai Monofin National Team that participated already at:
    • Asian Championships, Akita, Japan, 2006
    • World Championships, Torino, Iltaly, 2007

Future planed activities and events of ATUS

  • Participation at Asia Finswimming Championships, Yantai, China, 2008
  • Host the CMAS General Assembly 2009 on Phuket
  • Host of the CMAS 50 year’s anniversary
  • Participation at BOOT Duesseldorf, Germany, 2009
  • Participation at ADEX, Singapore
  • Participation at TDEX, Bangkok, Thailand, 2009
  • Extend the artificial reef project to other diving regions in Thailand
  • International student exchange for marine biological scientific studies
  • Support schools around Thailand with sponsorships and education
  • Increase diving safety standards and regulations for diving in Thailand
  • Produce all educational material in Thai language to donate for schools and universities
  • Continue marine and coastal environmental protection and conservation
  • Promote sustainable diving tourism for Thailand’s diving industry
  • Activate and convince new divers, supporting members and sponsors to support ATUS]

How to become a member of ATUS Thailand Diving Association !?
Your local ATUS representative will take care for all your requirements and provide you with further information and all necessary forms and paperwork you need to become a part of the ATUS family!

Become a member of a young, successful and modern diving association today !!